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The sound of a food wrapper being opened is usually a call for children to come running with their hands out.

As a parent it can be difficult to enjoy a treat without having to share it around, despite your little ones having already enjoyed their own snacks.

But one mum has shared her genius method to keep her moments of indulgence a secret – and it’s perfect for Christmas.

In a post on the Aldi Mums Facebook group, she explained that she hides her food in the place her children are least likely to look by showing three tubs of ice cream disguised inside empty frozen vegetable packaging.

The mum said the trick has been a resounding success, with her ice cream having gone undetected for a month for her to enjoy when she gets a moment to herself.

She shared a picture, writing: “Kids are in bed, ice cream time, who else has a secret hiding spot?

“These only usually last a week, I’ve had these for 4 weeks now, kids still haven’t found them.”

The “genius” idea racked up thousands of likes from other parents who vowed to try the method out for themselves.

One person commented to say: “Sneaky‚Ķ well done and congrats for getting away with it for so long.”

A second replied: “Why have I never ever thought of this!”

Another wrote: “Very sneaky! Love it!”

And she wasn’t the only parent to use the trick, as someone else added: “I use an empty laundry powder box.”

Now you just have to find somewhere to hide the chocolate without having to defrost it first.